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We know Arts Education is Essential.  Thank you for all you do and continue to do for your students.  Good luck as you navigate the rest of your school year and know that ASTA is here to support you. 

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    Laura thanks for this concern. I am sure we will be addressing this for awhile. As a studio teacher my students often share their issues which cause mental healthy challenges. I like to include breathing exercises. ------------------------------ Monica ...

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    Thank you Miranda for posting this, as it appears to be, very enticing post! Many of the skills and knowledge that teachers are citing as one that they "miss as they did not receive them during their studies" appear to be the one that we cover in String ...

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    Yes I would be happy to forward you some of my "rote"materials" if you can email me privately. I would need to know whether you teach elementary, intermediate, or advanced orchestras/string groups. The basic principle is: Any technique can/shall ...