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"Do you realize how great this community is? I asked a question less than 24 hours ago and I have received a multitude of awesome strategic answers from members all over the country. I'm so thankful to all of you! Students are empowered by this community." - Mark Evitts, Composer, String Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist, Franklin, TN

Mark, we appreciate you!

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    Musical Instruments need repair. Most instruments are possible to repair, however some instruments are not cost friendly or worth repairing.  What do you do with instruments that are not worth repairing? (Cello and Bass take up storage room). Any suggestions ...

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    I have a beginning (college-age) student who is having trouble bending her right thumb enough to hold the bow well because the base joint of her thumb collapses. I wonder if others have found any particular ways to address this problem, other than simply ...

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    ASTA Friends, Please consider volunteering as a presider at the 2020 ASTA National Conference in Orlando at the link below. There are some WONDERFUL sessions that still need a presider. Collegiate colleagues who are bringing college students to ...